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Your children CAN be independent.
They CAN be successful.

They CAN have improved quality of life and we can help.

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Our Mission

Developmental Consultants LLC works with young people diagnosed with:
•Sensory Processing Disorder
• Autism
• Intellectual Disability
• Down’s Syndrome
• And more…

We understand what your child is going through and how important it is to make that connection. The need to be independent. The need to communicate effectively. The need to feel like they have some control over their lives.

We work with your child to set progressively achievable goals and together we celebrate their progress.

Success is a balance of art, science, and love.

Call us or schedule a consultation to see how we can help make your loved one’s life better.

Additional Services

Therapeutic Listening

A sound-based therapeutic music protocol designed
to enhance sensory processing, self-regulation, and language

Seeing My Time®

An executive function and time management
program for middle school through adulthood


A computer-based in-office and home-based program for improving motor skills, language processing, rhythm and timing, visual processing, and more

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