Where Do I Begin with Sensory Processing?
An Introduction to Identification / Treatment Plans

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I created this course for Occupational Therapists who have clients with Sensory Processing issues. The course provides essential information to Occupational Therapists so they can better identify clients with Sensory Processing issues. It is essential to know how to determine and implement the best treatment options. It is a fun and engaging overview, complete with descriptions and comparisons of sensory processing, sensory motor skills, and perceptual motor skills. In the course, we will compare: sensory modulation to self-regulation, discuss how all of these skills combined can support a child's ability to be "Ready" for learning, playing, ADL's, and social interactions.

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This On-Demand Course Includes:
-1 hour of on-demand video instruction with Robyn Laub, OTR/L
-3 months of unlimited access to the course 
-Access to 2 downloadable resources 
-Personalized certificate of completion
- Lifetime enrollment into the Where Do I Begin With Sensory Processing Facebook Group 
This course is an informational course, and in order to keep costs down, no CEUs are offered.

Learning Objectives:
1. OTs/OTAs will comfortable discussing Sensory Processing therapy with parents as well as other professionals in order to best determine priority needs for a child.
2. OTs/OTAs will improve knowledge and understanding of clinical observations as a means for identifying underlying areas of concern related to sensory processing as well as attention, motor skills, and behavior.
3. OTs/OTAs will be able to determine best practice treatment approaches based on whether a child is under or over processing sensory input.
4. OTs/OTAs will determine when to use a bottom-up or a top-down approach based on the child’s priority needs and developmental stage.

Who this Course is for:
This course is intended for OTs and OTAs who either:
-Are new to the field of Pediatrics
-Have limited knowledge or experience with Sensory Processing
-Want to brush up on information regarding combining Sensory Processing into everyday skills
-Want to improve understanding of self-regulation and how to address it using a sensory strategies and insights 

What People Are Saying

"I enjoyed learning about the "what" of the different sensory systems. I found that extremely helpful and simple enough to follow."


"A new treatment technique I learned in this course that I will utilize is combining more inputs. I typically already try to do this but now have a greater understanding of how that is key to making a lasting change. I will be getting creative & increasing my use of multi-sensory interventions."