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Pediatric OT Mentorship Program

This program is designed to help OT’s new to the field or experienced OT’s who would like more strategies and tools to improve their therapy treatment.

What Does the Mentorship Program Include?

Below is the information on the mentorship program.

After reviewing each interest survey, it was determined that the 2 best days and times for the program are evenings and lunchtime. The 2 options for classes are:

Mondays 7:30-8:30pm EST and Fridays 12:00-1:00 EST

Classes will begin the week of October 30 (Mon) and Nov 3 (Fri). There will not be any classes held the week of Thanksgiving. The program will end December 11 (Mon) and December 15 (Fri).  

Class registration also includes a closed FB group which will serve as a community for communication, questions, and brainstorms. We will keep this page "forever" so we can always have a support system

The 6 weeks will look like this:

1 scheduled hour per week on a Live Zoom. It will be recorded in case anyone misses it.

6 Week Curriculum

  • Week 1: Overview of Sensory Processing. Discussion about Evaluations
  • Week 2: Continuation of evaluations. Clinical Observations
  • Week 3: Parent Consultation, treatment overview (sensory processing -> Sensory motor -> Motor -> Skill. Along with discussion about bottom up and top down approaches
  • Week 4: Treatment Protocols. Case study #1
  • Week 5: Family centered therapy and home programming, identifying the priority needs. Case study #2
  • Week 6: Case study #3. Wrap up

Fall Registration is now Closed

Please check out opportunities for Individual Coaching and Stay Tuned for Group Coaching 2024!