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How To Get Started

Set Up an Inquiry Calll

The initial inquiry call will allow you to get to know Robyn so you can decide if she sounds like a good fit for your child. This call also allows Robyn to ask targeted questions in order to begin to paint a picture of your child's and your family's overall needs.

Schedule Evaluation

Once you complete the inquiry call, you may decide to move forward with an OT Evaluation for your child. This will be scheduled in the morning hours when children are generally at their best. This 90 minute time will allow Robyn to build rapport with your child and complete standardized testing and clinical observations.

Parent Consultation and Report

After the evaluation, Robyn will schedule a parent consultation to review the results and discuss recommendations based on priority need. This consultation may be completed in person or via Zoom. You will receive an in-depth report emailed to you one week after the consultation is complete. At this time, therapy may be scheduled, if warranted. You should feel very well informed about your child's strengths and areas of need in order to make the best possible decisions for them.